Simulado Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil - ANAC | Analista Administrativo - Desenvolvimento de Sistemas (área 4) | 2019 pre-edital | Questão 414

Língua Inglesa / Itens gramaticais relevantes para a compreensão de conteúdos semânticos

One of the most salient, if not relevant, contexts of
language teaching is the institution in which you are teaching.
ESL/EFL classes are found in a wide variety of educational
establishments, such a wide variety, in fact, that text-books
publishers have a hard time tailoring material for the many
contexts. Even within one “type” of institution, multiple goals
are pursued. For example, language schools in many countries
are finely tuned to offer courses in conversation, academic
skills, English for specific purposes, work-place English,
vocational/technical English, test-taking strategies and other
Institutional constraints are often allied to
sociopolitical considerations. Schools and universities cannot
exist in a social vacuum. Public elementary and secondary
schools may be subject to official national issues. In the United
States and other countries, for example, the type of second
language program offered in schools is a product of legislation
and government red tape. Students’ purpose in taking English
at the higher education level may be colored by institutional
policies, certification and degree requirements, instructional
staffing, and even immigration regulations. Idem, ibidem.

Taking into consideration the text above, judge the items from 88
through 93.

In the text, the word “may” (L.15) could be correctly
substituted by must.

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