Simulado Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar - ANS | Analista Administrativo | 2019 pre-edital | Questão 337

Língua Inglesa / Itens gramaticais relevantes para a compreensão dos conteúdos semânticos

Scientists publish their original research in scientific
journals, which are fundamentally different from news
magazines. The articles in scientific journals are not written by
journalists — they are written by scientists. Scientific articles
are not sensational stories intended to entertain the reader with
an amazing discovery, nor are they news stories intended to
summarize recent scientific events, nor even records of every
successful and unsuccessful research venture. Instead, scientists
write articles to describe their discoveries to the community in
a transparent manner. Within a scientific article, scientists
present their research questions, the methods by which the
question was approached, and the results they achieved using
those methods. In addition, they present their analysis of the
data and describe some of the interpretations and implications
of their work. Because these articles report new work for the
first time, they are called primary literature. In contrast, articles
or news stories that review or report on scientific research
already published elsewhere are referred to as secondary.
The articles in scientific journals are different from
news articles in another way — they must undergo a process
called peer review in which other scientists (the professional
peers of the authors) evaluate the quality and merit of research
before recommending whether or not it should be published. Internet: <> (adapted).

Based on the text above, judge the following items.

The expression “In addition” (L.13) could be correctly replaced
in the text by Therefore

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