Simulado Ministério do Planejamento, Orçamento e Gestão - MPOG | Cargo 12: Analista em Tecnologia da Informação | 2019 pre-edital | Questão 217

Noções de Língua Inglesa / Compreensão de textos escritos em língua inglesa

Text CB5A1AAA ‘Basic human rights’ is a term which refers to those
human rights that are generally considered most necessary or
essential to the wellbeing and dignity of the human person.
In concept, when basic human rights are guaranteed, they help
to assure the primary material and nonmaterial needs of human
beings, so that they can lead a dignified life. Because of this,
these rights are given absolute precedence in both national and
international law and policy.
There is no universally accepted list of these rights, as
they vary somewhat according to different cultural contexts.
However, they would include, for example, the right to life,
food, shelter, and medical treatment, freedom from torture, and
from cruel, degrading, and inhuman treatment and punishment,
freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom from
slavery. All human rights are considered equal, interdependent,
interrelated, and indivisible in theory. Nevertheless, the term
‘basic human rights’ designates certain human rights that are
simply too basic not to be respected. M. Victor Condé. Basic human rights. In: A handbook of
international human rights terminology. 2nd ed., p. 23-4 (adapted).

According to the text CB5A1AAA, judge the next items.

The expressions “In concept” (R.4) and “in theory” (R.16) have
similar meanings in the text, as they both refer to notions or
characteristics which are in the abstract level.

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