Simulado Ministério do Planejamento, Orçamento e Gestão - MPOG | Cargo 12: Analista em Tecnologia da Informação | 2019 pre-edital | Questão 219

Noções de Língua Inglesa / Compreensão de textos escritos em língua inglesa

Text CB5A2AAA Software methods attempt to improve software quality
by providing a systematic approach to software production. A
method prescribes a precise sequence of processes, together
with outcomes produced by each process. Usually these
outcomes are models representing a specific aspect of the
problem, and concentrate on the analysis and design phases of
a system. Preparing all the models (i.e. following all the
processes defined in the method) contributes to our
understanding of the problem.
There is no single universal method, as different
methods are optimized for solving different problems. The
Booch method, for example, is optimized for developing
object-oriented software systems, while Structured
Analysis/Structured Design (SA/SD) is optimized for building
more traditional systems (e.g., COBOL or C). However,
abstracting away the details of these methods reveals they are
focused on essentially the same processes and outcomes. It’s
not that I think the details of a method are unimportant.
However, the details of a method are not important for a broad
conceptual understanding of methods. Luke Hohmann. Journey of the software professional: a sociology of software
development. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall PTR, 1997, p. 11-2 (adapted).

Judge the following items considering the ideas of text CB5A2AAA
and the vocabulary used in it.

Software methods constitute attempts to make software better.

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