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Língua Inglesa / Aspectos gramaticais

In the United States, most data processing technician
jobs require at most a high school diploma. For those who start
work immediately after high school, training is usually
provided on the job. For those positions that do not require a
high school education, experience in the data processing and
entry field is usually cited as a minimum qualification.
A good grasp of basic English skills is important for
technician positions. Solid proficiency in math and science may
also be useful for jobs in which technical material or statistical
reports are processed.
There is a variety of ways to gain the working skills
for a data processing job. High schools, vocational schools, and
community colleges have classes that teach basic clerical and
administrative skills such as word processing and database
management, in addition to the traditional English, math, and
science courses that are usually offered. There are also at-home
tutorials online and in books and tapes that teach similar skills.
Technicians need to possess good communication
skills, be able to function in a fast-paced environment and
adapt to new technologies quickly. Their job may involve being
able to work well with team members as well as independently. Internet: <> (adapted).

Based on the text, judge the items below.

In line 3, “immediately” means soon after leaving.

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